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  • Touch pad button design, password can be consisted of 4-15 digits, billions of password available.
  • Password can be set and changed by users, and memorized automatically when power off.
  • 2 pieces AAA batteries can be used for 10,000 times and replaced easily. Automatic power shortage prompts.
  • Introduced with Anti-Theft Technology and fake PIN password function.
  • Auto alarm will be activated when input wrong password 4 times.
  • Lock can be set with either 1 group or 2 groups of password to open. (once 2 groups of passwords mode selected, both groups of passwords have to be input to open)
  • Switch between public and private mode freely.
  • Decoder can be provided with Multilayer password management.
  • Various accessories can be provided, special function can be customised.
  • Installed with our independent intellectual property rights of the overload protection mechanism.